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Energetic copywriting can transform a rather bland company into a warm, lively business. It breaks down complexities; resulting in straightforward copy that connects with readers. Content- and copywriting—written for humans.

My name is Tom Ter Heerdt, copywriter and owner of The Writing Dutchman. With over six years experience in content and online marketing in the USA, UK, Australia and the Netherlands, with renowned companies such as Travix (including brands as CheapTickets, Vliegwinkel, BudgetAir), Kindred (including Unibet), and more.


Make an impact with energising writing

The Writing Dutchman stands for creative, energising content writing. Content that's written in your tone of voice and style. Preferably a bit bold with witty humour, but also serious and vigorous when needed.

That keeps it interesting. For all of us, but especially for the reader. Because in the end, we're not writing to you, but your target group. (And Google, that's right). The writing level, writing style and use of language are based on this.

This is crucial to make an impact and eventually, to convert the reader into a customer.


Get better results

During the briefing, we'll carefully establish your writing goals, ensuring we capture the whole picture. From headline to outline, and eventually: the finish line.

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