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Story of my life. I mean... your life.

Blogs have become a vital part of content marketing. And rightly so, they make easy reading that people love. A great opportunity for any organisation.

But what works, and what suit the voice your brand?


Generate more traffic to your blog

Depending on your organisation and strategy, you can choose to pick an informative or entertaining direction, the options are endless.

Your overall content strategy is leading, but let's start with a quick overview:


When is a blog actually successful?

  • When you target a search query of your potential customer 
  • When you satisfy the search intent of the reader
  • When you solve a problem for the reader
  • When you entertain the reader


Which blogs are most successful?

  • Lists, a.k.a. listicles (7 ways to ... , Top 10 destinations for ... , 5 tools for ... )
  • How-to blogs (How to be ... , how to set up a ... )
  • Other frameworks (The ultimate guide for ..., [Problem]? This is how you fix it!)


Establish yourself as an authority

With quality content you distinguish yourself as an authority in your industry. By providing your readers value, solve their problem or clarify an issue, you will be seen as an expert. Win-win!

That is the power of content marketing done the right way.


The options.

Blog campaign

Blog campaign

From blog and content strategy to execution. Everything taken care of.

Blog plan

Blog plan

Fresh blogs weekly or monthly in your inbox? Go for the subscription plan.

One-off blog articles

One-off blog articles

Just looking for one-off blog articles, tailored to your campaign? Anytime!

So, what's next?

Clear communication. No surprises afterwards.

  • Together we establish your wishes and goals.
  • You receive a clear offer, including time planning.
  • Together we determine the approach and I'll get started.
  • You receive your blog articles at the set deadlines, ready for feedback.
  • Completion, or on to the next blog.

That's it. Let's keep it transparent and clear for both of us.


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