SEO copywriter

SEO copywriter.

Being found is a top priority for any organisation. No surprise then, that SEO plays a key role in attracting prospects.


Why hire an SEO copywriter?

For questions, we reach straight to Google. That's the essence of a search engine: showing the most relevant content for the particular search query.

Understandable you want to rank highest for keywords and search queries relevant to you.

This is where an SEO copywriter comes into play.


“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”
- Wendy Piersall


By crafting texts that are SEO-friendly, but just as important; are easy reading for humans, chances are higher to rank in Google.

The main target remains to satisfy the visitor's intent, meeting their expectation after landing on your page.

Do they leave straight after arrival? Then they likely didn't find what they were after.


How do we approach this?

Do you already have an SEO strategy and are your goals clear? Awesome! If not, we will draft a new one, custom-made.

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Check, check, double-check.

Written for humans

Written for humans

SEO-technical writing is the start, but ultimately humans determine whether your content is loved or ignored.

Written with a goal

Written with a goal

The content is written to entertain, solve a problem, and satisfy the reader's intent.

Fully optimised

Fully optimised

All content is checked with a thorough on-page SEO checklist, ensuring all titles and meta text are optimised.

So, what's next?

Clear communication. No surprises afterwards.

  • Together we establish your wishes and goals.
  • You receive a clear offer, including time planning.
  • Together we determine the approach and I'll get started.
  • You receive the first version, ready for feedback.
  • Completion, or on to the next piece.


That's it. Let's keep it transparent and clear for both of us.


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